PACKET PICK UP: There is no packet pick up for this race. All race bibs and t-shirts will be distributed at the check in table on race day.

PANIC POINT ADDRESS – 2808 Cedar Creek Rd, Youngsville NC.

PARKING – $10 per car.  Please carpool to reduce the impact on the beautiful town of Youngsville. Please don’t park in the field across the street. Cars parked there will likely be towed by the landowner.

RACERS – Arrive about 30 minutes before your wave time. Parking is very close to the check in tent.  Your bib is your ticket to enter.  The bag check is the first thing you will see.  We do not check keys, so please put them in a bag. Pin your number on your front, with 4 to 6 safety pins.

The starting line is a corral allows people to enter by wave time. The 9:30 wave is 1st, and the 10:00 wave can begin loading behind the 9:30 starting at about 9:45. We let you out at an even pace to avoid logjams on the course.  Finish, collect your medal, shower & change, then join the party.  Your free beer from Raleigh Brewing Co. will be waiting at the beer station. After that they will have pints for sale for $5 each.

ZOMBIES: You can do your own makeup or come to the Zombie House. We will ship you out to your assigned area 15 minutes before the time you signed up for so that you can be there when the shift begins. The registration table will open at 7:30AM. Makeup in the Zombie House begins at 7:45AM. You can arrive at the house between 30 minutes and 90 minutes before your shift, depending on how detailed you want to go with the makeup.

BEER ID: In order to get your free beer (or purchase more) you must show ID. We will give you an “Over 21” bracelet when you check in. You must either show your ID at the beer table or be wearing a bracelet to be served. Bag check is about 200 feet from the beer table. Please keep in mind that even if you are wearing your Over 21 ID bracelet, the beer server may ask for your ID again at his discretion (Just keepin’ ABC happy). LAST CALL FOR BEER WILL BE AT 1:30PM.

PHOTO OPS – You want pictures taken when you’re muddy, right? We will have 2 photographers on the course taking action and group photos. The photos will be posted after the race, available for free download on our Facebook Page, and grouped in folders by the time they were taken.

SPECTATORS – Those 13 and older pay $5 at the SPECTATOR TABLE next to registration.  Every spectator, paid or free, must sign a WAIVER.  Your hand stamp is your ticket to enter.  You are welcome to watch the racers from anywhere you can see grass under your feet (don’t go in the woods) When the racers disappear from view into the woods, you can cross the main area. Keep the farmhouse on your right and the barn on your left and you’ll see the area where they will emerge from the woods for a moment, before they re-enter for the POND CROSSING, then you can cut over to the finish line to watch them come in.

FOOD, BEER, and MUSIC – Live music from 10 to 1  courtesy of Awkwardly Friendly. one free 12 oz. beer for each participant over 21, and BBQ. We have an $8 BBQ sandwich Meal Deal and a $6 Hot Dog Meal Deal. Both come with a $2 side, ad $1 side, and the beverage of your choice. A la carte prices: BBQ pork sandwiches ($6), Cole Slaw ($2), Potato Salad ($2), Hot Dogs ($3), 16 oz sodas ($2), Water ($1), Banana or Grapes ($1), Chips ($1), Candy ($2), and Hot Chocolate ($2) Text questions to us at 919.578.8478.

POND CROSSING: The water is as cold as it can possibly be this time of year, around 50 degrees. It is also nearly at its highest point with the recent rain, which is about 6 to 7 feet deep. The crossing is about 150 feet long, so you MUST be able to swim on your own to enter the water. Everyone else will be required to walk around the pond. Be aware that the risk of hypothermia is higher than normal with water temps around 50 and air temps in the 60s. We will have a fire going in the main area to warm you back up.