FAQ’s are arranged in chronological order, from basic information, through registration, and the events of race day.

When and Where is the race?

Saturday,May 4, 2019 at Panic Point.  2808 Cedar Creek Rd, Youngsville, North Carolina.

What is Panic Point?

Panic Point is a 50 acre recreational venue in Youngsville, NC that also hosts a Haunted House every October, Outdoor Laser Combat year-round, and The Zombie Escape. More info is available at PanicPointNC.com

What is the Zombie Escape?

A unique 5k mud run & obstacle course, sprinkled with hungry zombies.  Panic Point is the perfect venue for a monster-themed mud run.  We have open space, a scary forest, tons of mud, & lots of experience with zombies.

How do I register for the race?

Click on the Register button on the menu at the top of the page.

Is the race timed?

No. If you want to compete / time yourself, register for the 9:30AM wave and we’ll send you out first. All runners will finish in one of two categories: INFECTED (you lost all your flags) or SURVIVOR (you kept at least one flag).

Can I register as both a Zombie and a Racer?

Please register only as one.  All zombies have the option to run the course after their zombie shift.  If you are a zombie and you want to race while other zombies are on the course, you should register for the earliest zombie shift.   When your zombie shift is over you will change, put on your flags, and get in line in the first available wave.

Can I see a list and pictures of the obstacles?

Our Course Page has pictures of most of the existing obstacles (There are 20 obstacles, and 4 zombie zones).  We are always making changes, expanding, and altering the course to make it as challenging and fun as possible.

Am I going to experience long obstacle lines?

Not if we can help it.  The zombie race is like an organism.  Its difficult to predict when and where bottlenecks might occur.  When we introduced our rope traverse obstacle it had the longest lines, so we doubled the lanes for the next race and it worked perfectly. To keep the waits down, waves are limited to 150 racers or less every half hour.

What kind of discounts do you offer?

All discounts are announced on Faccebook and Twitter.  Join and watch for updates.  Military and group discounts are available by e-mailing raleighmudrun@gmail.com

How old do I have to be to participate?

If you are 13 or older on race day you can participate without supervision.  12 or under you must be accompanied at all times by a paying parent or guardian, and register for the Family Waves.

Is there an Inclement Weather Policy?

Rain obviously won’t stop us, but if the course is unsafe due to lightning or high winds we may delay or postpone the event.  It will not be cancelled.  The alternate date is Saturday, May 11th.  Sorry, we do not issue refunds if you cannot race on the alternate date.

How early should I arrive?

The Parking Lot is very close.  If you leave your car an hour before your scheduled wave you should have plenty of time to sign the waiver, register, put on your bib, hit the head, and get down to the starting line in time.

Where can I park?

Parking is across the street.  You will enter the parking lot on Cedar Creek Road, across from the venue, and exit on Tarboro Rd.

Do you charge for parking?

Yes.  $10 per car.  Why?  We love the town of Youngsville.  Charging for parking is the best way to reduce the impact on the town and the land.  So pack ’em in the Family Truckster and save some cash.

Is there a Waiver?

Of course.  You acknowledge the waiver when you register, and hard copies will be available to sign when you arrive at the race.

Can I check my gear on-site?

Yes.  We will have a very large tent with lots of space and lots of volunteers to make sure you can drop it off and pick it up without difficulty.

What are the on-site shower/bathroom facilities?

Plenty of Porta Potties will be on site and a water truck will provide a temporary open shower area with 12 spaces.  Men’s and women’s changing tents will be available if you would like a bit of privacy.

How difficult is the course?

Climbing over walls, crossing rope bridges, and scampering up mud banks is very challenging.  The fastest way through the course is to attack everything head-on, and even the fittest people will have some difficulty.  But every obstacle has a bail out.  If you need to walk around you will be asked to perform a physical task before you are allowed to continue.

Do I need to be able to swim?

The lake crossing is 4 to 6 feet deep depending on recent rainfall.  There are two guide-ropes you can use to pull yourself along, and we have a lifeguard on duty.  But but if you are not comfortable going in you will be allowed to walk around with no penalty.  FYI – the lake water is shocked with chlorine the week of the race.

How does the flag thing work?

Think flag football.  When you start the course you will have 3 flags.  The zombies on the course will infect you with their mutant zombie virus by stealing all three of your flags (one at a time).  After you lose one flag, maybe you have a cough.  The second goes, and you’re feeling like you have a bad flu.  Lose the third flag and you are officially infected.  If you can find a roving medic on the course, you can perform a physical task to temporarily boost your health (the medic will give you a flag).  You must have one flag to finish “Un-Infected”.  Racers in the first wave who are competing for a prize must finish with a flag.  We will post a list of Infected and Healthy finishers after the race.

Can the Zombies and Racers have physical contact?

NO!  Deliberate contact is PROHIBITED.  Zombies should not push, punch, grab, tackle, hip check, or otherwise physically impede racers.  As a racer, think flag football, not regular football.  Don’t try to run over a zombie.  You can protect your flags by dodging, spinning, sliding, running, and jumping.

What if I lose all my flags?

There are three roaming “Medics” on the course.  If you lose your flags, and you find a Medic, you will be given a physical task to perform.  Upon completion of the task, you will be given one flag to continue on your journey. The later on the course you find a medic, the harder the task will be.

If we are racing as a team, do all the members have to finish with a flag?

Think of your team as one, eight-legged beast protecting 12 flags.  You all have to cross the finish line, but only one of you has to have a flag.  Yes, we realize this is a huge game changer for individual vs. team strategy.  If you can effectively surround your last healthy teammate, you may be on the road to victory.

Do I get a free beer?

Yup.  One free 12 ounce draft beer (ID required at check in) for all of-age participants courtesy of our sponsor, White Street Brewing Co.  Did you know that the fermentation process associated with brewing is a natural zombie repellant?

Are you going to have food and music?

Yes. Tropical Pickin Chicken will be on hand selling food and beverages.  Additional beer can be purchased from Lincoln Brewing Co.  Live Music (TBD) from 10am to 1pm.

Are you posting photos?

Yes.  We will have a race photographer on site with the GOAL of getting a photo of every racer.  Photos are posted on our Facebook Page. Your posse can take photos of you in designated spectator areas as well.

I just want to watch the race.  Do I have to pay?

Spectator passes are $5.  Children 12 and under are free.  Think of this as admission to a festival.  The $5 covers insurance and access to the party area with live music.

Can I check out the Haunted Forest while I’m there?

Please, no looking behind the curtain.  Its bad form.  Unauthorized viewing of our haunted trail  usually results in nightmares, paranoia, nightmare paranoia, and sometimes possession.  The forest opens in September.