Warm Bodies

Our friends at Summit Entertainment have given us free tickets for a screening of their new film, Warm Bodies: Tuesday, Jan 29, 7:30p.m, Brier Creek. Follow this link to gofobo.com/rsvp. Use the code ZOMBIE892Y for up to 2 tickets. We saw it last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Rob Corddry has the line of the movie. You’ll know it when you hear it.

Zombie Escape voted BEST MUD RUN of 2012!

We didn’t even know we were on the ballot!  A hearty “Thank You” to the readers of Endurance Magazine for recognizing the Zombie Escape at Panic Point as the Best Obstacle Course Race in the Triangle in 2012.   We got some comments during and after the race, so we knew the feedback was positive.  Then, over 200 racers who took our survey rated us an 8.2 out of 10.  That’s fine if our goal is just to be good, but we are cranking it up to 11 on April 20, 2013.  Do. Not. Miss it.

Y’all come back and see us, OK?

Thank you for racing! If you haven’t already heard, we have posted links to thousands of pictures on our website.  They are free through 9/30.  Race results have been posted.  The Zombie Escape returns on April 20, 2013.  Early bird registration begins on Thursday, September 13th and lasts through October 31th.  The price is $50 per person.  Normal registration begins on November 1, with a starting price of $60.

We have already received a lot of very good feedback from many of you, and we welcome every comment, suggestion, or criticism as an opportunity to get better.  At Panic Point, we are serious about giving our patrons the best experience possible.  So you would be doing us a HUGE favor if you would complete the following survey.  It is only 10 questions, and you can finish it in about 3 minutes.  THANK YOU!!!!

Please click here to complete the brief survey.

Post-Race Post-Mortem

The first Zombie Escape is in the books.  What a day.  As the dirt packed down and got wet, the degree of difficulty went up substantially.  Molehills became mountains.  But it was the zombie fields required the most energy from the racers.  All of the obstacles held together perfectly, despite constant abuse over 5 hours.  A nod of thanks to the engineers and builders.  We have received a few suggestions on how to make it better, and we WELCOME ALL COMMENTS, good or bad.  The race is nothing without you, so let us know how you feel.  As organizers, we already have a long list of  changes we would like to make to the obstacles, procedures, racer flow, look, feel, and overall experience of racing at Panic Point.

In case you missed it, there is a new RESULTS tab on the site with a downloadable pdf.

PICTURES have been uploaded to 321smile.org and are available for FREE download until September 30th.

Use your $5 off coupon to come by the Haunted Forest this fall.

1,800 Racers and Zombies ready to rage

The course is ready.  Are you?  Check out the Race Info page for instructions on what you need to do on the 8th. Fuel up and get ready.  Its going to be epic.

Runner’s Revenge: SHOOT the Zombies after the race!

Making your way through a mass of zombies can be exhausting and frustrating.  Maybe one snuk up on you, made you lose your shoe, or fall face-first in the mud.  What about that freakin’ zombie that took your last health flag? (hey, watch the language)  Never fear.  The Zombie Escape at Panic Point offers you an opportunity to get revenge.  We send hunters out onto the course to corral as many of those nasty critters as we can, and we herd them into our own little zombie pasture.  (People who sign up to be zombies will not be shot at.  The zombies in the shooting gallery are a separate, much crazier group of undead knuckleheads who have already been identified)  Then, for a small fee, we allow any and all comers to pick up a paintball gun and fire at will.  Zombie coming right at you?  Go for the kill shot.   See the one that surprised you from behind the tree?  Take out his knees.  Shooting things is fun.