Y’all come back and see us, OK?

Thank you for racing! If you haven’t already heard, we have posted links to thousands of pictures on our website.  They are free through 9/30.  Race results have been posted.  The Zombie Escape returns on April 20, 2013.  Early bird registration begins on Thursday, September 13th and lasts through October 31th.  The price is $50 per person.  Normal registration begins on November 1, with a starting price of $60.

We have already received a lot of very good feedback from many of you, and we welcome every comment, suggestion, or criticism as an opportunity to get better.  At Panic Point, we are serious about giving our patrons the best experience possible.  So you would be doing us a HUGE favor if you would complete the following survey.  It is only 10 questions, and you can finish it in about 3 minutes.  THANK YOU!!!!

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