Post-Race Post-Mortem

The first Zombie Escape is in the books.  What a day.  As the dirt packed down and got wet, the degree of difficulty went up substantially.  Molehills became mountains.  But it was the zombie fields required the most energy from the racers.  All of the obstacles held together perfectly, despite constant abuse over 5 hours.  A nod of thanks to the engineers and builders.  We have received a few suggestions on how to make it better, and we WELCOME ALL COMMENTS, good or bad.  The race is nothing without you, so let us know how you feel.  As organizers, we already have a long list of  changes we would like to make to the obstacles, procedures, racer flow, look, feel, and overall experience of racing at Panic Point.

In case you missed it, there is a new RESULTS tab on the site with a downloadable pdf.

PICTURES have been uploaded to and are available for FREE download until September 30th.

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