Runner’s Revenge: SHOOT the Zombies after the race!

Making your way through a mass of zombies can be exhausting and frustrating.  Maybe one snuk up on you, made you lose your shoe, or fall face-first in the mud.  What about that freakin’ zombie that took your last health flag? (hey, watch the language)  Never fear.  The Zombie Escape at Panic Point offers you an opportunity to get revenge.  We send hunters out onto the course to corral as many of those nasty critters as we can, and we herd them into our own little zombie pasture.  (People who sign up to be zombies will not be shot at.  The zombies in the shooting gallery are a separate, much crazier group of undead knuckleheads who have already been identified)  Then, for a small fee, we allow any and all comers to pick up a paintball gun and fire at will.  Zombie coming right at you?  Go for the kill shot.   See the one that surprised you from behind the tree?  Take out his knees.  Shooting things is fun.