2015 Date Announced

Mark your calendar for Saturday, one week before Memorial Day Weekend (that would be MAY 16, 2015) That's our race date - every year from now until the end of the world (by Zombie Apocalypse or otherwise). Early Bird Registration begins in November.

“As seen” on WRAL TV

5k Mud Run in Raleigh-Durham, NC 2015

A muddy 5k obstacle course, with a twist!  The Zombie Escape at Panic Point rolls out for the FIFTH time on May 16, 2015.   If you’ve never raced with us, you don’t want to miss it.  If you are coming back, we are keeping the best obstacles, changing a couple, and adding a surprise or two.  Case in point: Our ZOMBIE BIATHLON obstacle requires you to shoot an approaching zombie before it gets close enough to eat you.  50,000 gallons of water bring the mud to life.  16 fixed obstacles, 4 zombie fields, great food, amazing live music, and the liveliest racers you’ve ever seen!